• Sunfish

    Everyone knows and has probably sailed on a Sunfish. This very popular one person racing or daysailing vessel performs well in a fresh breeze or a slight breath of air. At 14 feet long the sunfish is easily sailed by one person, and can be launched off of a beach easily. This boat is used in our Learn to Sail program. The club owns 6 for members to use. Go to sunfishclass.org for more information.

  • JY-15

    The JY-15, is RCC's newest fleet. The JY-15 is a 15 foot sailboat that has two sails. It is normally sailed with two people. The boat is low maintenance and is a good boat for beginners and couples to begin sailing and racing. The Rochester Canoe club is home to fleet 77. We use this boat in our Learn to Sail program. The club owns 3 for members to use. Go to jyca.org for more information.

  • Thistle

    One of our most popular fleets at RCC is the Thistle. The thistle is a 17 foot long boat with a weighted centerboard, and has three different sails. It is normally sailed with three people. This boat is a popular boat nation-wide. We are home to a few nationally recognized thistle sailors. The Canoe Club started their Thistle fleet in the 1950's with Thistle Fleet 46. Go to thistleclass.com for more information.

  • Optimist

    The Optimist is the most popular boat for smaller kids to Learn to Sail and race on. The boat is 8 feet long, and only weighs about 80 pounds. The boat is perfect for kids that are about 8-15 years old, and good up to about 125 pounds. The club owns 6 for children to use.