The Rochester Canoe club (RCC) in Rochester, New York, is an informal family sailing club that is interested in promoting one-design sailboat sailing and racing. The Canoe Club is very family oriented with members of all ages.

Contrary to popular belief, the Canoe Club does not have any canoes. The name, however, has historical significance, so the name of the club has been kept.

The most common interest down at the club is one-design sailboat racing on Irondequoit Bay and Lake Ontario. We have many members who are not active racers however, and just sail on the bay. At the club, we have 4 different types of boats that are competitive for all levels of sailors. If you don't know how to sail, we offer a learn to sail program for people of all ages.

The Rochester Canoe Club is located on the western shore of Irondequoit Bay which is connected to Lake Ontario just east of Rochester, New York. We have a beautiful property and good sailing facilities.

Membership at The Canoe Club is very affordable. This is because we are a DIY club. The members help out a little when it is needed. Most of the time, it is when we unpack, and pack the club for the winter. Membership costs are kept low because there is no staff to employ.

If you would like to learn more about the club, you can contact anyone on the board of directors. We would love to meet you!